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understand joint replacement surgery

Welcome to Stryker’s Content Delivery Network!

It’s important that you have the educational resources you need to prepare patients for their upcoming joint replacement surgery. That’s why we are excited to provide you with the Content Delivery Network (CDN), which provides patient education website copy, imagery and animations, that you can easily add to your website. With the CDN, you will receive notifications anytime product or procedural content has been updated as it will automatically update on your website. As new content is added, you will receive a notification to preview the content and determine if this content will be helpful for your patients to review on your website.

Using the CDN is simple:

  1. Click on the product and procedure buttons below to see a preview of what the content will look like on your website.
  2. Once you decide on the content, fill out the Sign Up form at the bottom of the page.
  3. Now you’re ready to upload the content! Documentation for best practices on implementation will appear on your screen as well as in your inbox. Forward these instructions to the person who manages your website updates so they can provide the necessary support.

If you have any questions while utilizing the website, please email [email protected].

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